About The Freebird Club

So what is it?

The Freebird Club was established in 2015 as a social travel & home-stay club exclusively for the over 50's. It is developing as an international 'peer-to-peer' membership club, whereby Freebird members who opt to become 'hosts' can make their spare rooms available to fellow member 'guests' to come and stay, based on a set nightly rate. Members who wish to travel, can search for suitable member hosts in destinations near and far, knowing that a genuine, warm and personal welcome awaits them from a fellow Freebird Club member.

By creating a genuine community of travellers, hosts and guests, based on the principles of the 'sharing economy', The Freebird Club offers:
1. a whole new world of social travelling for mature adults
2. a new way of earning income in later life
3. a fun and accessible way to meet new people, make friends, and enjoy social and cultural interaction as you grow older